A report on current distance learning

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The aim of this report is to evaluate distance learning and provide suggestions on how to improve it and yet keep the same results. Suggestions and information have been obtained from my personal experience as well as experience of my classmates.

Double lessons

Double lessons on Zoom seem to be a problem because it is harder and more tiring for students to maintain the concentration for two lessons straight at the computer screen than at school. I have sensed that this causes far more tiredness among my peers. It has been concluded that explaining the subject the first lesson and giving us exercises for the second one to do on our own would be a preferred option.

Subjects with many lessons

Subjects that we have on our timetable three to four times a week definitely do not necessarily have to be all on video calls. We feel that giving us independent work for at least one lesson would give us some time during the day to at least take our eyes off the computer screens. I also believe that the teachers would not mind a few minutes away from the computer screens as well.

Student cooperation

Since we can get to the computer and attend zoom lessons incredibly quickly, we sometimes wake up five minutes before the lesson. Therefore, we are completely without energy and still sleepy. This could be prevented by waking up at least fifteen minutes before the lesson.

To sum up, waking up earlier and being given fewer lessons on Zoom would enhance our motivation and rest our eyes from tiring computer screens.

Peter Trojar


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