Bad marks do not discourage me

Leon Edmund once wrote; “Getting bad grades is a typical part of your academic career. It varies from time to time and any student can perform in a poor manner,”. It is important to know that bad marks do not define you, it is what you do afterwards that matters. Many students including myself are wondering, what is the best way to deal with bad marks?

It does happen from time to time that I get a bad mark. The first thing I do, is grant myself time to process. If I am upset, I allow grief and vent my frustrations. After I let myself feel all the emotions, I move forward and do not let the bad mark have power over me. To be better on the next test I try to evaluate what went wrong and why I did not get the desired grade. Once I find out what my weakness is, I work on it, so I can do better next time.

Marks are a reflection of work and dedication you put into your work at school. That is why a bad mark is not necessarily a bad thing, it teaches you to work harder and not give up easily.

On the hole, a bad mark is like a redirection it shows you where you should not be and gives you a chance to come to the next test better and more prepared.

Neža Jan, 2.b


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