What makes a book a good read?

Avtor: | Feb 10, 2021 | Angleščina, Članek

From my point of view a good book should contain an attractive, action-packed introduction, an interesting, unpredictable story and well-described characters.

An attractive introduction to the book is very important because it motivates readers to continue reading. In my opinion, such a start must contain a lot of action and an unpredictable continuation of the book, such as crime novels written by Agatha Christie and other detective stories. A perfect example of an excellent detective story is a book on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It definitely contains an action-packed introduction without unnecessary details and well- presented characters.  Also, the story itself is extremely interesting and filled with tension.

This is also what I really like about books. The story should not be too long or too short. From my point of view shorter books with a faster climax are much better than long books with many unnecessary details, which make a book boring.

The last important elements are well-described characters that readers can empathize with. In detective stories written by Arthur C. Doyle, the characters are really well- presented and unique. I am impressed by Sherlock’s logical thinking and his ways of solving difficult detective cases. No matter what, he always finds the truth even in the most complicated secrets and never gives up.

After all, it is hard to say which book is good because each person has their own taste.  Some books become bestsellers at the beginning but, in time, their stories are no longer relevant. However, there are books that are read from generation to generation and their stories are   popular all the time.

Bor Križnar

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